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A B O U T    M E
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CV (Updated Mar 2023)

I am a creative who enjoys exploring the mysteries and questions of data through computer science and machine learning techniques. I was previously a data scientist at Ericsson and am an early ML engineer at CloudAEye, a start-up developing intelligent cloud applications.

I obtained a PhD in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan working under Professor Z. Morley Mao. I have lead many projects in machine learning and security like adversarial ML. My publications can be found here and I have been a reviewer for numerous conference workshops (ICLR, ICCV, etc.).

I obtained my Bachelor's from UC Berkeley where I worked with Professor David Wagner and earned the undergraduate award for outstanding research. Previously, I interned at Sandia National Laboratories.

Whether it is in work or in my life, I am passionate about engaging with new people, exploring the unknown, trying out different perspectives, and bringing a creative viewpoint to the table.

M A C H I N E   L E A R N I N G  

&   S I D E   P R O J E C T S
My experience (research and work) has been on machine learning, specifically deep learning. As such, I like to keep up with the current research and just have fun following the latest debate.

I have a few pet projects that I am currently working on.
First, I review and give my thoughts on random machine learning papers, biasing towards those that involve security / privacy.

It would look something like this: Sample
[WIP]: Working on a nice template to organize the papers

My GitHub profile is WonPark
I love traveling because not only do I get to experience a new culture and way of life, but it gives me the chance to explore new areas to take amazing photos!
For me, photography allows me to find creative and new perspectives to capture and evoke feelings and emotions.

I share my portfolio and travel vlogs here:

I also do portraits, including weddings and graudation shoots! You can see some works here!
I am open to bookings and collabrations! Message won.park19@gmail.com

I own all rights to photos and videos shown on this site and other platforms. Please do not use without explicit permission

Who doesn't like food? In my free time, I also love traveling to try out and write about different foods!

Here are some platforms in which you can follow my food journey!


I own all rights to photos and videos shown on this site and other platforms. Please do not use without explicit permission